Workaround for multiple text entry quiz

Apr 16, 2021

Hello all,

I am working on a course where I am trying to simulate using a data entry system.  I had planned to use screenshots of the actual system and then add fillable fields so that learners would need to fill in data and then receive feedback on whether they entered the data correctly, however to achieve this they will need to fill in multiple fields on a single screen.

I had hoped to use the freeform quizes (text entry) to achieve this, but I see that I can only evaluate a single field per slide, which will not work for me.  I need users to be able to fill in multiple text fields per slide and receive feedback for correct and incorrect responses.

Is there a workaround for this in Articulate 360?  Would I need to use a different function than freeform quizes?  I have attached a slide that shows visually what I am trying to achieve.

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Walt Hamilton

I think you will need to create from scratch if you want to evaluate all the text fields, allow for variations in the entries, and give targeted feedback. There is nothing in SL with that much flexibility.

Try the attached sample.  If you need to pass on a score, jump to the Scoring slide. It will set the score, and move on without being seen.