How to get Replay button to set timelines of all layers to start at beginning

Hi Everyone,


When a user clicks the Replay button in Storyline 2, only the base layer timeline starts over at the beginning.  For all other layers on the slide the timelines stay where they left off.


Does the Replay button work the same way in Articulate 360?


Does anyone have a workaround for this so that when the replay button is clicked, the timelines on all layers of a slide reset back to the beginning?



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John Blum

Thank you, Wendy.  I didn't know about that feature.  I added extra triggers on the slides that had multiple layers and states, and that solved the problem.

I just tried your suggestion of setting the layers on slides in a previous version of the project without those extra triggers, and it worked on some of the slides and not others, probably due to some of the other complexities in the animations and triggers in the layers.

I'll keep setting the layers to 'reset to initial state' in mind for future projects.  That should save a lot of work!

Thank you!