Workflow and Scenes

Currently working on a project with a colleague that has two basic sections.

The first one is the positioning piece around how to do transactions, the soft skills, risks, etc...

The second bit is guided practices on how to do the transactions (7 total) in the system.

My colleague will be doing the first part and I'll be doing the second.

I'm thinking that I'll build each transaction as a separate scene (hopefully for portability).

Set the next button or some sort of button in Section 1 to take the learner to the appropriate scene. Rig the next button at the end of the Transaction scene to take them back to either a landing page or to the next transaction.

Now... am I missing anything?

Will the scenes be portable between files? For deadline reasons we need to be working on them concurrently.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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Geert De Rycke

Hi Sean,

I guess your best shot is to name your scenes intelligently. Use for instance a pre or post fix for each scene.

Eg mine_scenename; his_scenename. This will prevent from mingling your scenes.

When programming the next button, instead of jumping to next scene/slide, jump to your uniquely defined scenes (mine/his). I’m currently working with 5 colleagues on 1 project and we use this technique.

Hope it helps with you too