Workflow: Managing a File with Multiple Designers

Nov 04, 2019

We need to have two people edit the same storyline files. On a recent project we stored the file on Sharepoint but overtime edits failed to save (or were overwritten) and had to frequently be redone.

How can a team with multiple editors handle storyline files?

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Judy Nollet

SharePoint allows someone to "Check Out" a file, which prevents others from editing it. So each editor should check out the file when they're working on it. They also need to remember to check it back in.

With Storyline, it's really best to work on your hard drive. So I'd suggest an editor do this when working on a file:

  • "Check out" the SL file on SharePoint to indicate that they have control of the file.
  • Download a copy of the SL file to their hard drive.
  • Edit the SL file on their hard drive.
  • Upload the edited file to SharePoint. As long as the name remains the same, it will replace the earlier version, but the file will still be checked out. (At least, that's how it works on the SharePoint I use.)
  • "Check in" the SL file.

Obviously, it'll help if the editors coordinate their work, so they know when they'll be able to do their editing.

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