Working with Camtasia


My client is going to send me some films she's built in Camtasia that I am supposed to include in the training.

I'm not quite sure yet whether I'll be using Studio or Storyline (still a little nervous about changing).

I would like to include what format I would be expecting her files in:

For Storyline I think its swf, flv or MP4

Is it the same for Studio?

Is there anything else I would need to include?

About size? I'm also concerned about the narration she will provide. Is there a way that I can adjust the sound level so that it is consistent with the level in the training around it?

Can anyone help?


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Mike Enders


Camtasia is really flexible with it's output, so if you have the opportunity to request the exact file type,

then there's not much Camtasia can't do in terms of output.  I tested out the swf output from Camtasia

Studio 7 and Storyline seems to handle it just fine.  With that said, I'd suggest MP4 as the best bet as it 

will give you the most flexibility. Especially when it comes to...

Audio Leveling.   This can be managed up front before the Camtasia content is output, but if you're receiving

a video file, it becomes a bit more, um, labor intensive.  If you have a video editor, you could drop the Camtasia MP4 file

into it, output the audio track, level it, and bring it back in to, once again, output the MP4 file with the sound leveled.

However, if your author still has the source Camtasia recordings, it may be worth the time to coordinate a process

whereby you're both using the same leveling tool (such as CN Levelator) and leveling your audio.  In Camtasia (studio), your

author would, 1. Export the Audio (Click "File", "Produce Special" and then "Export Audio As".  2. Run the audio through CN Levelator (or whatever tool you'll be using). 3. Bring the leveled audio into Camtasia. 4. Unlink the audio and video tracks in the source file. 5. Delete the old audio.  6. Insert the new audio.

Hope this helps!


Nisha Rumale

Hi Team,

I have recently installed Articulate 09 suit  and have Camtasia 05.

When I publish the Camtasia movie it appears fine however when I publish the presentation inserting the camtasia swf  it does not appear on the published LMS though engage and quiz interactions are appearing fine.

It shows empty black background on that particular slide of swf file.

Does that mean presenter 09 does not support Camtasia 05 version? 

Do I need to install Camtasia 09 to get it publish in the Presenter 09?