Working with Design Themes causes Slide Masters to vanish??


I'm working on a course design. I built most of it with one slide master & its layouts. Call that Slide Master A.

Then I added two additional Slide Masters, B and C. I also saved B and C as Design Themes. I was hoping to apply B and C Design Themes to the existing slides made from Slide Master A in order to mix and match elements from all three. (That might not work; I'm still learning the program, so this was an experiment.)

I closed Slide Master View. But when I started to insert a new slide in Slide View, I saw fewer layouts than I expected.

I went back to Slide Master View and discovered that Slide Master A and all its layouts were GONE.

I've tried this twice more and it happened each time. If I add an additional slide master and save it as a Design Theme, Slide Master A vanishes from Slide Master View.

I also tried saving Slide Master A as a Design Theme as well. It didn't help. Slide Master A & its layouts still disappeared when I made an additional slide master and saved it as a Design Theme.

This is baffling and extremely frustrating. I hope someone can help.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi AJ,

I think you'll need to click the Preserve checkbox for each Slide Master. (see screenshot).

Fyi: Here's some text from the tutorial on Slide Masters.

Preserve:  If a slide master in your story is not currently being used but you want it to remain with the project for later use, you can preserve it.  To do so, select the slide master in the left navigation pane, and click the Preserve button on the toolbar.

Please shout out with any questions.