Working with Layers and Variables SL3

Mar 22, 2019

Good day.  I am working with a file that has a game show of 15 questions.  I have added a layer to pop up by using variables ... i.e. after answering 5 questions they can opt to leave the game show and continue on in the course or they can continue to answer more questions... I have put this layer on the base layer and added it again to another layer trying to get it to work.  but there is something that is not working... I have attached the file as is if anyone can help  me I would be grateful. Thank you in advance.

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Tom Kuhlmann

That's a lot to go through with the variables and what's happening with the conditions. I'd try this to simplify things:

  • Create a counting variable that adds 1 every time a question is answered. Then you can get rid of all of those conditions. Just have a trigger to show layer when number variable is = to 5.
  • You could get rid of the 5 questions answered layer and put a button on the base slide that is hidden. Then change the state of the button when the count reaches 5.
  • With a lot of variables, I like to add a dev panel so I can manually modify variables and not have to do the interaction on the slide. Here's a post I did that shows a couple of ideas. That also makes it easy for people who want to help troubleshoot set variables without having to go through the quiz.

Curious, why did you choose to have all the questions on layers rather than slides? There's no right/wrong, just curious. I wonder if slides would be easier to work with to scan and troubleshoot. Which then makes me wonder, if there was a way to do some core variables on the slide master rather than on all the game slides. Need to noodle on that one, though.

Michael Gallagher

There is a variable named "14543QuestionsAnswered" which is a number variable. It is counting up as answers are entered. You can use that variable to find out when they have answered 5 questions.

Create a trigger on the Correct and Incorrect layers of each question that states:

Show layer 5Qs Answered - When the user clicks Continue - On Condition 14543QuestionsAnswered == Equal to 5.00

Also, On the Visibility properties on the "5Qs Answered" layer, uncheck "Hide other slide layers"

Sherry Rose

Hi Michael. Thank you so much for responding to my request. Because I want to allow the learner to answer as many questions as they want or opt out at 5 I ended up putting the

Show layer 5Qs Answered - When the user clicks Continue - On Condition 14543QuestionsAnswered == Equal to 5.00

On the base layer and all is working as required now.

Thank you again for your speedy reply and suggestion.

The very best, Sherry


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