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Steve Gannon

Hello Diaa,

Please see the revised .story file attached.

On the Orange Values slide, I did the following:

  1. I moved the unique content on all of the Values slides to layers on the main Orange Values slide.
  2. I changed all of the Jump to Slide triggers to Show Layer triggers.
  3. I created a Visited state for the six icons in the menu.
  4. I added a trigger that disables the Next button when the timeline starts.
  5. I added a trigger that changes the state of the Next button to Normal when the state of all six icons are Visited.

Lastly, I deleted the individual Values slides.


Steve Gannon

Yes, you can delete the Values Template scene assuming you don't need to use the icons in that template. (I'm assuming that since you changed the icons on your main Orange Values menu, you weren't going to use the icons in the template.)

If you think you might want to use those icons later at some point in your project, you can delete all of the slides in the Values Template except the first slide in that scene. (It won't hurt to keep an unused slide or two in your project as long as you don't accidentally create a "Jump to Slide" or "Jump to Scene" trigger to those.)

Diaa Saad

i have another question , and sorry if i bothered you,

i have a graded question (matching drag and drop) and i added another one (multiple choice) to the project , and in the two questions there is highlight appear when dragging or choosing the multiple response, how can i change the highlight color , as i cant found it :) 

Steve Gannon

For the multiple choice, you could change the color of each choice using the States tab, but that would take a long time, particularly if you end up inserting a lot more questions. The best, quickest and most efficient way to change this highlight color is to open the Design tab at the top of the Storyline menu ribbon (the main Design tab, not the Question Tools Design tab), select Colors and then Create New Theme Colors. Change the color of Control 1 and Control 2 to your preference.

Diaa Saad


i have two questions with regard this story please.

1-i want all slides to be fit on the screen ( specially questions slides) im using story size (720X405 (16:9) but it appears small. and when i tried to make it custom then the slide 1.4 ( Orange Values menu got scattered and been not in the right place , please help 


2. can i add wrong answers to the drag - drop question where the user can drag the right answers ( 6 for example ) where there are another 3 he shouldn't drag  ( as made in the first multiple choice question

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Diaa. 

  1. Changing the Story Size when there is already content on the slide can cause objects to appear misplaced. You might need to reformat some slides after making that change.

    When using Storyline 2, another option will be to change your Player settings instead of your slide size. You could try setting the player to fill the browser window so that the course fills the available space in the learner's browser.
  2. Slide 1.6 uses the matching drag-and-drop question style. There isn't a way to have false drag items with that built-in question type. You could, however, use a freeform drag-and-drop interaction with drag items that have no drop target.

Let me know if you need more help!