Working with questions bank in moodle

Jan 02, 2020


I have a storyline project with a question bank, and i have defined that the lerner will see the result slide after answering 5 answers correctly .

When uploading the project to moodle, the lerner gets a result of 33%  because the bank has a total of 15 questions.

Is there a way that moodle can consider it as a hundred (just like the storyline does)?

Thank you in advance :-)


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Vered,

Happy to help here!

It's hard to determine what the cause might be without seeing the course. If you are able to share your file, that would help out greatly to determine what's happening! You can share it publicly here, or share it privately by uploading it here. I'll share my findings and delete it when I'm done troubleshooting!

vered shwinger

Thanx for the quick response.
The grading works fine in storyline. When the lerner answers correctly five
questions he gets a
the grade of 100, but when the project is uploaded to moodle, the grade is
33% because 5 questions out of 15 is 33%.
because of the question bank.
Any idea how to dill with this problem?
Thank you

Lauren Connelly

Hi Vered!

If you aren't seeing this error within Storyline then I would look at the settings of the Moodle report. 

Like Vincent said, seeing the course helps us nail down a more concrete answer. You can share the .story file in this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button or you can share it with me privately by using this link. 

I'll reply with my findings so that we can get your course ready for your learners!

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