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Christine Hendrickson

Hi John,

As far as I can see, CourseSites is a sub-service from the Blackboard LMS, correct? Looks like it's their free version, but I haven't personally seen it before. 

I'm not having any luck finding out which they prefer to use. Though, Tin Can shouldn't really be a "go-to" unless you're considering going mobile with your courses.

I've seen a couple mentions of the LMS around the forums, but not a lot of details. Hopefully someone that's used this LMS can chime in. If not, it probably wouldn't hurt to contact them and see if they can shed some light on the topic. 

Let us know if you find anything!

Good luck :)

Darwin Zenteno

Hi Christine , Maria and John,

In COURSEsites, you just go on any of versions you have available.

Christine is right when saying coursesites is the free version of Blackboard. For instance, they support from SCORM 1.2.

For better information you can check this HELP.


In other hand. Do you' know any SCORM editor or creator of kind of free or opensource?

I just find trial versions of iSpring, Adobe, Camtasia, and CourseLab. But they are not an option to me.