Working With Scribble Paths

Do motion paths have to play out completely before other changes can be made? I'm creating a game in one of my courses. You know that game that's in every arcade and state fair where you have the gopher popping up in random holes and you have to hit it before it goes back in the holes? That is kind of the concept I'm going for here. So, I have a few text boxes and have made a scribble path for each of them so that the boxes are swirling all over the screen in random order. Some boxes are correct and others aren't. When you click on a correct one, I want a certain sound to play, adjust a variable, and then change the state to hidden. When you click an incorrect one, I want another sound to play and a variable to be adjusted. The sounds and the variable adjustments work perfectly, but the changing the state does not. I get the feeling that I have to wait for the motion path to run its course completely. Is that true? If so, does anyone have any other ideas on how I can do this (that doesn't involve creating something in Flash!)?

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Jessica Davis

Hi Jessica,

It doesn't look like the motion path has to complete.  Take a look at this (very simple) mockup and let me know if this is what you're going for.  The box moves on a scribble path, and when you click it you should see the variable adjust, hear a sound, and the box disappears.