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Mar 03, 2016

Just learning AS 2....

Within the Articulate Storyline 2 Tutorial, you learn WORKING WITH SLIDERS in Section 14. The exercise of the Illustrated Character (Practice 1) is self-explanatory. I have a hard time understanding (Practice 2) which is the slider interaction of the Moon Phases. Why is that you have to have the Normal State as an invisible box? What purpose does that play? Could you not just have the moon icon as normal and then specify the triggers for each state in relation to the slider? How were the moons customized with me only having to insert the moon?  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michelle!

What a great way to learn - diving into the tutorials and practice files.

So, one of the greatest (may seem worst right now) things about Storyline is there is multiple ways to do almost anything. Remember these practice files are teaching you skills and availability of options moreso than how you are going to build your courses. 

I didn't build this course, but I think it was just a good visual, when you look at the states panel to see the full spectrum - start to finish. Sure, the moon could have been in the Normal spot and you could re-name any of these as you wish as well. The moon images were already loaded into your states panel - so if you were building something like this, you would need the images to put into the states.

For anyone following along, this is the tutorial that Michelle is referring to.

Michelle Buckland

The moon is the key object.  If I was to start from scratch of creating this storyline, how would I have been able to enter all the other states? They seem to be all customized.  Since each of them (the objects) are all unique - and not an option under character - how is it possible to add all the additional objects/states of the moon without them being displayed on the basic layer?  Are they all invisible with the state hover?

Michelle Buckland

THANKS SO MUCH! Learning...but slowly. :)

So reflecting back on the tutorial in relation to the "Moon", were those the steps that were taken.  If so, did you use picture/image files by selecting the Picture option in stead of the Shape option?

Also, after reviewing the Add/Edit feature from the User Guide, there were states that showed a character with callouts. How was that done?

You are such a great assistance. I really appreciate it.  I truly value your patience and the tutorials e-Learning Heroes has provided.

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