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Tim Shelton

You may need to be more specific... 

So I assume you are tracking the answers in a range by having the text entry change a variable which is then qualified by another trigger to check if it is greater than X AND smaller than Y.

With a text numeric you would have to do the same thing except check their answer against all potential variants of any correct answers. Equal to 'AnswerX' or 'answer x' or 'ANSWER X' or 'Answer X'. Equal to 'Answer X' and 'Answer Y' and 'Answer Z'

Its more labour intensive as you have to cover all possible combinations you designate as correct. However if there is only one way to type a correct answer it is simple.

I hope this helps 

Manoj Sharma

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the response. Here is what I am trying to do...

I am designing a calculator which requires the user to enter some codes. These codes range from 50 to 60. Depending upon the code entered a secondary variable would change. I have a second set of codes which are letters viz. TS and AS (to be specific). Now, when the user enters TS/AS the secondary variable would have a different value. Hope I was able explain what I want to achieve.



Manoj Sharma


I have one entry field and one multiplier variable. So, the calculation is, if I enter 55 then the multiplier variable get a certain value and if I enter 60 the multiplier is set to a different value. Each entry, ranging between 50 to 60 the multiplier would have a different value depending upon the entry. Now, other than the entry codes set between 50-60, I have two more codes, TS and AS. So, if I list my codes, it would look like 50, 51, 52, 53, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, TS and AS. Each code has a different corresponding multiplier.

Does that explain..?