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Dennis Peach

Hi Sam,

Thanks for getting back to me. I have attached two screen shots, the first is during the scene preview with the Next button disabled as it should be and the arrow enabled to allow the layers to move forward. The second screen shot is the same slide but after I have published the course and you can see that the next button is enabled and allows the user to move the slides forward before viewing the rest of the layers. I have even published just the scene and it works correctly then but not when I publish the whole project. Any ideas and I would be grateful.    

Sam Hill

Hi Dennis, I see the problem. You have a trigger looking for a variable change in order to change the state of the next button.

This approach is fine for some instances, but needs to be backed up with another trigger.

The problem you will run in to as that changing nextEnabled from "false" to "false" does not trigger the nextEnabled change event. The variable would actually have to change values in order to trigger the change, so from "true" to "false" or "false" to "true"

I think the best way to resolve this is to have a slide trigger on the Master Slide that always resets nextEnabled to "true" on timeline start, then your subsequent change to "false" will be a change and will therefore disabled the next button as needed.