Works when "preview entire project" but not when published to web

Hi all,

My project has a NEXTCHA layer on the third slide and this plays through seamlessly when I preview the entire project, however, when I publish it online, it does not jump to the next slide if a correct answer is provided. If an incorrect answer is given, the alert will pop up and then the slide will repeat as I have set it to do, but even on the second attempt, a correct submission will not advance to the next slide. 

I don't even know how to begin to trouble shoot this. Any ideas?



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taylor suther

Thanks Jerson!

Quick update--I'm pretty sure the problem is with loading the next slide, not in the transition from the current slide. For example, if I use free navigation and try to go directly to the problem slide it will not load there either. This is tabbed slide with several videos--is it possible for a slide to be too large to load? Again, it works fine in the pre-view stage.

Jerson  Campos

I think you may be right. Storyline does not load the entire course upfront. It loads each screen as they are processed. (Thats why it produces so many different files).  You may have to separate the files onto different slides if they are too big. Or you can try giving a buffer of time (5 sec) on the slide before the user views anything.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Taylor,

As Jerson mentioned this may be easier to diagnose if we're able to take a look at your Storyline file. If you'd like you can attach it here using the paper clip icon and if it might be too large for the forums (over 20 mb I think) you could strip down the non-essential elements or slides to make it smaller. If you'd prefer to share with our Support engineers as Jerson mentioned, you can connect with them here or I could also send you directions to share with me privately. 

Storyline does progressively stream videos (except SWF files) in published content.  This means users will not have to wait for each video to fully download before it begins to play. 

Here's how Storyline handles different video formats:

  • MP4 and FLV videos are natively supported in Storyline and will progressively stream by default.
  • SWF files are natively supported in Storyline.  However, they will not progressively stream.
  • All other video file formats will be converted to MP4 in Storyline, and they'll progressively stream.

In some cases, you may have an MP4 file that is not properly formatted.  As a result, users may experience a long delay while the entire video downloads.  If you have an MP4 file that is exhibiting this behavior, you may be able to correct it by using the method described here.

taylor suther

I made a file with just the problem slides and loaded just fine when published. So I tried to upload the entire file and received a 404 error. The video files are just youtube embed codes so I don't know if that influences what storyline is able to support. I will contact the support team to see if I can get my files to them.

Thank you both for taking the time help!