Would "Add Motion Path" be right for this?

Hi all,

As seen in the attachment I have a pic of one of our delivery vans. This van I would like to use it for a learner journey. By clicking on the van, I would like it to move from one year to the next and unhide the respective information about this year.

Could anyone advise me if the “Add Motion Path” feature is the right one to do this? And how would I set it up with add motion path? I would also appreciate you sharing an online tutorial, if you know one. I have tried to set up that interaction but seem to be totally stuck.

Thanks in advance for your support and best regards


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Walt Hamilton

Probably not. To make it work, you need a separate path for each movement, so you'd have to make a path from say 1913 to 1917, then one from 1917 to 1918, etc. Then set them to relative start points, but it could never work if the learner clicked out of order.

If you have to see the van move, you might try 3 sliders, and set the van as the thumb. it would take a bunch of triggers to control it so it could only stop at certain numbers, jump to those numbers when the date is clicked or the van is dragged, and show/hide the appropriate slider.

If you are willing to have it jump, create a state for the van for each year, and just change the state when the year is clicked.

Roland Straub

Hi Walt

Great to hear from you again this year and thx a bunch for your hints. I guess, I catch your drift but the tests I just took, somewhat don't work out as a fun to use interaction. I'll therefore stick to one delivery truck Animation to start the slide and then just let them disclose year by year. I just realize again, that I have still a long way to go to really master articulate.

Anyway, Walt. I wish you very nice Christmas Holidays, a smashing end of the year and a kick-start into the new year. I'am happy to have connected with you this year. and am looking forward to hopefully hearing from you next year too.

All the best