[Would someone please check/verify] - "cubed"


Could someone please check this for me?

Have the "cubed" symbol (superscript 3) in the notes.

Looks fine on the slide, but when compiled does not superscript.

Would someone please just check this for me to ensure I've not done anything wrong here, before I submit it?



PS - just checked and also seems to do it with "squared", (subscript 2).

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Bruce Graham

Creating in a new project seems to make no difference either.

I am using Arial - would that matter?

I can always change to "Carbon Dioxide" or "x square metres" in the notes so that it shows but this is now puzzling me completely.

I'm on version 1.1208.804 and application says there are no updates.


Bruce Graham

Steve Gannon said:


When I preview your project the slide displays the sub and superscripts correctly. The Notes panel does not but that's a known limitation of Storyline. I'm using Update 1.

Steve Gannon

GanTek Multimedia

Ah!  We have a winner.....

I had not twigged about the Notes panel - if that's a limitation I can work around it.

Hope it's fixed soon, (is there an "official" note re the limitation anywhere?).

Thanks Steve


Steve Gannon

I don't think there's an official note anywhere. I reported it as a deficiency during beta testing but noticed it never was addressed. I think there's a reply somewhere in the forums from one of the Articulate support staff in response to a mention about the super/subscript issue in the Notes panel, suggesting that we should add a feature request for this.

Gerry Wasiluk

Brian Allen said:

I'm running the same version as Bruce, and I also get the message that there are no updates!  What gives??

I only found out here in this post by Magnus:  http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/16907/96501.aspx#96501

I think minor updates like this have not been pushed out before for Presenter.  Trying to remember why they weren't . . .