'Would you like to resume where you left off?' not working

Jan 13, 2021


Our courses are built in Storyline 3, as of this morning the 'Would you like to resume where you left off?' is not working. If you select Yes, the message disappears and nothing happens, if you select No it takes you quite happily to the start of the course. I have a feeling it's to do with the demise of Flash as of yesterday... 12th January was EOL day. I didn't access any of our courses yesterday so can't say whether they were working then or not ... or maybe it's just because it's the 13th and we're in lockdown again!! 

Anyway, has anyone else encountered this?

Many thanks in advance


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Anne!

Thanks for raising this. I'd love to troubleshoot the resume behavior with you! 

A few quick questions to begin:

  • Which browser(s) are you seeing this happen in?
  • Does the problem happen on desktop, mobile, or both?
  • Are you comfortable with sharing one of the source files? Simply use this private case link. We'll gauge the revisit in a similar setting and report back!