Very frustrated with SL2 today. I'm not sure what's going on. Here are just a few issues I'm seeing:

1. Trying to right-click on a trigger to copy it, but the copy menu disappears as soon as I release the right mouse button. Is this a bug in the GUI? I can right-click on any other object in my slide and the menu stays on the screen.

2. Trying to copy and paste a trigger from one project to another. The trigger includes a variable with the same name in each project. When pasted into the new project, the variable name changes to "unassigned". Is this a bug?

I've encountered a few other GUI bugs today trying to do some mutli-selects and other things. I hope these all get ironed out in the near future.

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Mike B.

Here's some more SL2 weirdness... I had created a project, everything looked great, saved it. I open it today and my quiz questions are formatted to go off the slide, instead of wrapping to a second line. The really strange thing is that the slide preview shows the question wrapped...see attachment.

Mike B.


As a matter of fact, I DID copy that text from a Word doc. It's always helpful to know if there is a common cause to an issue, so thanks for mentioning that. What seems strange to me is that I'm almost positive it looked fine when I last saved the project, so I was wondering why it reverted to a single line. This could be a real problem if a project is re-published at a later date and someone doesn't go through to make sure all of the quizzes are still okay.

Nancy Woinoski

Mike, if you just drag the text back into place it will revert back next time you open the project so I find the if you clear the formatting and reapply the formatting that you want to see it should fix the problem. the other option is to reformat the text box by setting it to do not autofit. if it is already set to do not autofit set it to something else and then go back and change it to do not autofit.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mike,

In regards to the right click behavior on triggers, I'm not able to replicate this on my own Storyline interface. I right click and get options for "Edit, Copy, Paste and Delete". Do you see those options but then trying to use them it disappears? 

In regards to copying/pasting triggers from one project to another, I haven't tried to do that - and instead I'd look at importing the slides in as I think copying triggers that refer to specific elements in another project could be problematic. We are aware of an issue in regards to the variables being renamed after going through the import detailed here. 

As for the text, I don't know that I've seen the behavior outside of the thread Wendy linked to. I assume you've confirmed you're working on local project files?  Could you share one of the files in question? 

Mike B.

I see those options popup, but the menu disappears as soon as I release the right mouse button. Very strange.

I'll try importing instead to see if the triggers remain unmodified.

This behavior does not seem to be repeatable. The text box (quiz question) was fine when I had closed the project, but when I re-opened it had changed to a single line. The files I'm working off of now are on a USB attached drive, accessed locally. I would share the slide in question, but as I said, I can't repeat the problem. I have more of these to create so if I see more I will try to watch for a pattern.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mike,

If they're disappearing, I'd look at going through the repair as that'll help ensure everything in Storyline is working correctly. 

As for the USB drive, do you mean that you back them up there, and then download to your local drive to open? Opening them or saving directly to the USB drive could be contributing to the odd behavior. So if you need to back them up there, I'd first save to your local drive, close the file, and then copy to the USB drive - and then do the reverse to work on it off your local drive (copy from the USB to hard drive, then open).