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Christoph Krieger

Thank you Christie and Leslie.


I do not really need help, as it now works the way it should with the described "workaround".

The only thing is that it might be a wrong SCORM (1.2) implementation of Storyline.


You can test this if you want. Publish two Storyline Projects for SCORM 1.2. One with a Result Slide (track using quiz result) and one without (Track using number of Slide viewed)


Upload both to SCORM Cloud. Open the Developer Console and try: WriteComment (" Test") and afterwards GetComments().

It only works in the version with Result Slide that you get the comments out again, but I guess it should work in both.



Peter Sorenson

use this javaScript pass the value to be stored on the LMS inside this function

window.WriteComment( "name:Peter|height:6 ft" ) //it needs to be a string inside the parenthesis WITH quotes

to retrieve the comment ( and place the returned value inside a Storyline variable

player.SetVar( "aStorylineVariable", window.GetComments() );