Writing a course - need a dog!!!

I'm going to write a course for a charity that helps people with disabilities - I want to create a child friendly course teaching kids how to care for a dog - any ideas if I can get a cartoon dog?

Also, they are looking to fund my work - I've only written courses for my own training so never had to charge before can anyone give me a guide to what or how they charge. I will not charge them full right as I want to do as much as I can to support the charity - but a girls got to eat

Your ideas and advise is very much appreciated.

Kind regards


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Caroline,

I'm not sure if there are any cartoon dogs here, but you may want to review the list of free stock image sites that David shared. A lot of these came out of community threads,  and recommendations so you may need to just look around and see which one fits your look and feel.

Also, in terms of what to charge - I'll defer to the community there.  

Good luck with your project! 

Caroline Turner

Thanks Jerson - I need to teach children with disabilities how to treat and care for a dog that will be working with them as an assistant dog, its important I can click with them in a fun way BUT very important as about keeping the dog and child safe. I may just go for another child being filmed showing and explaining but wondered if anything out there that may help. Keep me posted if you can do something.


Jerson  Campos

I can create a dog character that would be usable in the same manner as the built-in illustrated character storyline has.  I can make him/her have different expressions and poses.  Are you thinking about a dog character that more cartoony and stands up on it's hind legs or will he/she stay on all fours but still be expressive?

Caroline Turner

Not Sure yet Jerson, playing with ideas at the moment - it has to work for children with disabilities including autism and or learning difficulties - so thinking a talking dog MAY not work as dogs don't talk - literal thinking is something I need to consider. A dog with expressions will possibly be the way I go like story line if you can help that would be truly amazing.

The dogs are trained at home with professional support as assistant dogs BUT also a pet, a step down from full service dog. 

The kids training will be very much how to be safe with a dog and be kind and games to do with the dog. SO things like we use soft hands to touch - don't hold a dog around the neck or more specific training involving the dog like -  Dogs like to play hide and seek will you play the game? Hide and seek is training the dog to search & rescue if the child goes missing, so the training is extremely important, potential life saving in parts. Autistic kids can bolt / run and are often attracted to water, there have been 4 deaths I know of this year alone from drowning.

It would be great to have a character or two that can help children adjust to having a dog in their home and help the children learn how to behavior with a pet AND get them involved with training as a game.

Emotions wise I would need - happy / scared / angry / sad (I'd have to check with the charity). And eyes closed as if asleep. 

Body wise would be great to have standing / sitting / lying down (left right center).

Let me know what you think - if possible?

Thanks for the message i really appreciate it.

Kindest regards