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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Leanne and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I answered a similar question last month from a user who mentioned that Oracle wasn't able to store their answers, but I wanted to share the suggestion I gave him to look into some of these unsupported methods in this community thread, specifically I know a lot of users report that they like to use the Google doc method described here. 

Leanne Falconer


Thanks for the prompt response. However we use the Oracle LMS not the Oracle/Peoplesoft LMS. They are different.

We actually managed to get it to work with quite a bit of playing around. We realsied that we needed to used the index_LMS.html file as the starting file rather than the story.html file we had been using for content todate. We are aware that we can not write back the scores per questions into our LMS so we normally do our assessments in the LMS it self to cater for this. What we were trying to achieve is to have an attestation slide as the final slide to make sure that the delegates work thorugh all the material .



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Leanne,

Thanks for the additional information, and my apologies for misunderstanding. You could look into adding an additional button to the Results slide that when clicked would close the course and "submit the results" (normally they're submitted at the start of the timeline for that slide). If you kept that as the last slide, it would serve both purposes of submitting the results to the LMS, and ensuring that your users see the last slide.