Wrong font, missing characters with HTML5 on IE???

I've seen a couple of discussions here with similar issues (notably here), but have yet to find an actual fix/solution... so I thought I'd try a new thread.

I've put together some slides for a client as a test module for a potential training project.  The client is seeing a different font, as well as missing characters, when running the module (HTML5 output) in IE 11 vs. Edge.  So far, I have been unable to duplicate the issues on my end, but I have screen grabs from the client:


IE 11

Note A) the obviously different font, B) the weird font spacing, and C) the seemingly random omission of characters ("fi" in the word "filler").  

The client is using IE 11.1944.14393.0

The output is from Storyline 3 version 3.2.13213.0

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  My client is unlikely to want to move forward with a whole training project if I cannot solve this issue, and I am currently at a standstill.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick,

Thanks for reaching out here. We've seen a few instances of the missing letters (as you said, mostly the F) and it's been specific to IE as well. Our team is still looking into this, but it does appear that using one of these two workarounds helps:

  • Enable "Font download" option in Internet Explorer when viewing HTML5 output.
  • Add your website to the “Trusted Sites” in Internet Explorer. Go to Internet options > Security tab > Trusted sites.
Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick,

A quick update for you here! Our team confirmed that this was specific to a IE setting for fonts with HTML5 output, and as such you'll want to take a look at these methods to overcome this issue:

Let us know if you have any other questions! 

Tonya Thomas

This issues is also happening in MS Edge currently (3.21.2018)

My users are not going to have the wherewithal (or even access) to make all kinds of setting changes in IE, Edge, etc., to work around this issue. Is there a resolution? I've not used any non-standard fonts in my presentation. It was working just fine in earlier iterations today, and suddenly started messing up fonts, spacing, etc.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lars,

You'll want to start by reviewing the info in this article, on why letters may not show or be missing in the HTML5 output.

Our team is looking into ways we can change how those items are created in the published output, as we know a number of users can't modify the browser settings. That fix is something our team is investigating, but it's a bit further in the future. 

Mr. Beck

I'm a big advocate of Articulate products and support, but the BIG question for me is: why can't I find this issue being discussed by Lectora and Captivate users? 

I get the server-side security and browser setting issues, so one would assume the output of those development tools would result in the same problem.  A Google search did not show those communities identifying the issue.  Strange that this has been an issue for Articulate for more than a year and apparently not an issue at all for other dev tools.

Brett Gibson

I tried switching the fonts in Storyline to Arial, as well as other VERY BASIC fonts, and it still doesn't show them correctly in IE when the settings are set to disable the downloading of Untrusted Fonts. How is Arial untrusted? Do you have a list of fonts that would work? This is a very annoying issue, forcing me to use the classic player to meet my client's needs. How is this not being addressed?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Brett.  I understand the frustration as a course author, especially since you have little control over your learners' settings. 

It's hard to tell on your end, but our team is hard at work on a fix from the authoring side to make sure your fonts are rendering correctly.  We're hoping to be able to share some good news by the end of this calendar year.  We'll be sure to update this discussion with new release information.

Kevin Thorn

I’ve been seeing this and experiencing on several government projects this year. It is not practical to adjust learner browser settings or any change on the client-side. Government issues computers with IE11 are secure and very minimal access to change settings.

Similar to Brett, a test with multiple basic Sans fonts - Arial, Verdana, Tacoma, Caliri, even Helvetica-Neue - in IE11 resulted in a Serif font replacement with odd kerning, missing letters, etc. Even odder is in all font tests it was the same unrecognizable Serif replacement.

Olivier Nourry

Hi all,

Just adding my 2 cents here : got the same problem here, and i thought that a warning in red in the welcome page of my courses with an IE logo crossed in red should be enough, but people keep coming to me saying "your course is really hard to read, don't know why there are so many missing characters".

Can't really deal with admin side of my company, they told me that the problem is on my side and should be dealt by me...being the one who brought Storyline to my company, i really hate to be the one who brought that incredible new authoring tool that is far better than what was used before...but with missing F...

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Olivier,

I'm sorry this issue is still causing you so much trouble, but I appreciate you sharing the experience here for our team. We're still working on a fix that wouldn't require the use of the workarounds mentioned earlier. The team is gathering some additional data and testing out a few solutions, so as soon as have it in place we'll let you know here. 

Muyar Kyaw Win

When publish, the letter 'f' is replaced with square in path.js file. The font I used is "Open Sans". I tried to use the "Arial", there is no issue/square. But this is not the solution because we cannot use "Arial" for every courses. Is there any issue when encoding the text when publish? 

Fiona Williams

Hi all,

We are having the same issues as Kevin and Oliver, where our clients are typically using IE and intranets, and are unable to just “change browsers”.

I have been expressing this issue for over 12 months (around June 2017). It has now gotten to the point where no course we publish is viewable in Internet Explorer, regardless of whether it’s a web-safe font or not. Telling our clients to “use a different browser” is not possible. Fonts are all enabled on our computers as per the fixes on this page:


We have tried adjusting publishing settings and output settings. Nothing works. We had to actually rebrand all of our in-house content to fix a font-compatibility issue when 360 first rolled out, changing from Avenir to Calibri across 110 learning modules. We have multiple clients who are all having the same issue. However, due to branding guidelines, they cannot just switch fonts.

This issue is now verging on the ridiculous. Articulate needs to do something to fix this (such as a setting that converts text to images when publishing, as it had previously in Storyline 2? Or something).

We’ve had to resort to taking screenshots and rebuilding entire modules with images in order to keep clients happy, which is both time-consuming and frustrating. I’ve just built a 60 slide module and the client’s first feedback was that it didn’t work in IE. I’m really not looking forward to having to screenshot all that.

Seriously, we need a fix to this sooner rather than later. Or seriously consider reducing the $1200 AUD you charge us every year per software until you do. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Fiona.  You've done a lot to work around the IE font issue -- it sounds like the solutions listed in the support article didn't help at all.  I'm really sorry to hear how tedious this has been for you.

I've opened a case with our support team to have a closer look and to make sure there isn't anything else we can do to help while we continue to develop an update that will not require adjusting learner internet settings.  Let me know if there's anything else I can do!