Wrong font, missing characters with HTML5 on IE???

Jan 12, 2018

I've seen a couple of discussions here with similar issues (notably here), but have yet to find an actual fix/solution... so I thought I'd try a new thread.

I've put together some slides for a client as a test module for a potential training project.  The client is seeing a different font, as well as missing characters, when running the module (HTML5 output) in IE 11 vs. Edge.  So far, I have been unable to duplicate the issues on my end, but I have screen grabs from the client:


IE 11

Note A) the obviously different font, B) the weird font spacing, and C) the seemingly random omission of characters ("fi" in the word "filler").  

The client is using IE 11.1944.14393.0

The output is from Storyline 3 version 3.2.13213.0

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  My client is unlikely to want to move forward with a whole training project if I cannot solve this issue, and I am currently at a standstill.

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Narissa Kentfield

This is ridiculous, I've been battling with this issue for way over a year now. It takes credit away from all your hard work when the learner starts moaning about the fonts, as if we would be careless enough to design it like that. What's the workaround? Making them enable flash? Also then getting bombarded with emails because people can't work out how to enable it. The only thing that has worked most effectively is having Flash first then HTML5 as fallback but now I am facing another issue using text variables the font appears differently, and I've searched all over the forums and tried all the workarounds. My internal IT refuse to implement the fixes. This is an absolute joke. So much unnecessary stress and like others have rightly pointed out, no one is having this issue in captivate or other authoring tools? 

Brett Gibson

I was able to resolve this for our LMS by publishing to HTML5/Flash Fallback instead of the original idea of going with Flash/HTML5 Fallback (thinking that the fallback was the important aspect of this was my downfall..)

It sucks that we can't just jump right into using HTML5 Only, but its a forever changing world of browserology... Hoping Articulate can find a way around this, but I know these issues only exist in Windows 7 or 8 since this doesn't exist in Edge.

Chad Cardwell

@Brett, It's still prevalent for a lot of folks with Windows 10 whose IT overlords make IE11 the default browser with all of its settings locked down with group policy (to include font downloads). They even have it set up where some websites launched in Edge automatically divert to IE11.  :(

For many, the only workaround is the use another browser. This is a hassle when some learners just want to quickly take their mandatory training, and it's especially frustrating when other online courses (made in other authoring tools) don't have these issues.

Katie Riggio

Hello Yiannis,

This article on wrong fonts and missing letters covers ways to ensure the correct text displays in every browser:

If that doesn't help, we're happy to work with you more closely to see what's happening with the font. Because you have Articulate 360 Teams, you have access to priority support and live chat with our support engineers.

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