Wrong object position in timeline when changing state

Hi everyone,

I've been facing this simple problem since a while, and still didn't find how to solve it. Here it is :


Let's take a Menu slide. Three buttons on it, each one going to three different content slides when clicking. These buttons appear one after the other (1 second intervals). The first one is originally set to Normal state, the two others are originally Disabled.

I've got three variables that are set to false then turn to true when the user visits each content slide. The user gets back to the Menu slide after each content slide. A trigger changes the state of the next buttons to Normal if the corresponding variable is True.

Now when I'm coming back to the Menu slide, after visiting the first content slide, the second button should switch to Normal state, which it does. BUT the timing of appearance is not right anymore and I don't get my 1 second interval between each button showing up. Is seems that as soon as my button changes state, its position in the timeline is not taken into account anymore.

Does anyone know how to keep the timeline order even when the states are changed? (I've set the Menu slide settings to "restart from initial state" but nothing changes)

I hope my explanations were clear enough. I did an example which is attached to this message.


Thanks a lot







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Crystal Horn

Hi Guillaume!  I saw what you're saying about those buttons showing up immediately once their states were changed to Normal.  What is happening is that the state change is happening at the timeline start, and that trigger is overriding the button's placement on the timeline.

I was able to make your project work with two alternative trigger setups.  You could choose to change the state of the buttons to Normal when the timeline starts on the object, rather than the timeline, and then the object's timeline will be respected.

Also, you could set the trigger to change the state to Normal when the animation completes on the object.  I've attached your revised project with this setup.

I hope that is helpful!