Wrong Question count on quiz review!

Greetings! I have prepared a quiz where 20 questions are randomly chosen from a bank of 36. When I go back to review my answers, it adds 20 to the original number, in other words it states 'Question 21 of 20' as it reports result for Question 1 on screen. Another example 'Question 37 of 20' as it reports result for Question 17. Is there any way I can get it to report 'Question 1 of 20' and 'Question 17 of 20' rather than adding this 20 in the review. BTW, it happens with all 20 questions on review and if I review it a second time it starts at "'Question 41 of 20' (for Question 1 etc.) Any help would be much appreciated.

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John Say

Hi Vincent! It's most likely a problem with your trigger that increments the counter variable on each question slide.  To correct the behavior, you would need to create a review variable to keep track if you are on review mode.  You can add a condition to your triggers to only increment the variable if the review variable is not equal to true.  You can set the review variable to false by default and set it to true when the user clicks on the review button.   If you need further assistance with this, you can open a case here and upload your file so that we can check it out o our end.