Wrong Result displayed when course is relaunched and resumed on LMS

I am currently working on the course where I have an assessment followed by the summary page.

When user pass the assessment by scoring above 80% mark, a result screen is displayed. When user exits the course on this screen, re-launch the course and resume it. It displays the result page with "6.25%" score and failed while LMS is showing the correct score of passing. 


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Parashuram Vhaval

Hi Emily, 

I will not be able to share the file for some reasons but I can explain you the scenario. 

1. I have used question bank for assessment as there was condition to use random questions and answers.

2. When user passes the assessment, exits and relaunch the course. It consider that user has just given single answer as I have included answers in single slide of question bank.

3. This issue is not coming when I am not using the question bank.

let me know if there are any settings to be made in the question bank.

Thank You!


Parashuram Vhaval

Thanks Emily,

I've solved problem,

I followed steps below,

  1. Deleted entire assessment slides.
  2. Imported remaining slides in fresh story file,
  3. Rebuilt assessment and result in new file.

And its now working as expected. It might be some corrupt player or unwanted Result slide variable issue. I was not able to delete unused private variables of SL, so I created new file.