wrong scoring in html5

Jul 11, 2014


I published my project with HTML5, but it does not score well. (I attached a printscreen of the settings I made.)

In my project I have 5 quizzes (free form) and a Result Slide.

No matter what answers I give to quizzes, the feedback is always negative and my score is zero (even if I answer perfectly).

What can I do so that I can get the right score to my quizzes?

Thank you,


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Robert Lengacher

Diana - A couple of clarification questions:

  • When exactly is the project scoring incorrectly? When viewing on a mobile device? on your PC?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the Freeform Interaction Dialog?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the Results Slide dialogs?

Based on your description it's hard to know if this is an HTML5 issue, an issue with how the interactions themselves are constructed, or a results slide issue. I look forward to hearing more.