Wrong sequence of slides in preview

I am unsure why, when I preview, the sequence of slides becomes scrambled. Instead of triggering to jump to next slide, which should have worked, I have now changed it to jump to the very next slide number. Neither of these work, and the list of slides that appears when published is out of sequence. For instance, I see slide 1, 2, 3, 4 in the editor, but after publishing they appear as 1, 3, 4, 2. Help!

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Walt Hamilton

If you are referring to the way the slides appear in the Story View, be aware that the learner never sees that. All they see are the slides in the order your triggers present them. It drives our OCD (or CDO, to say it the way it SHOULD be said) friends crazy, but what counts is the order the learner sees them.

PS If you have them in the right trigger order, but the numbers are wrong, in Story View drag one to just under another. When you see the little arrow, turn it loose, and it will return to its place, but will have its number changed to the next one in sequence.

Note: if your triggers all say jump to Next slide, this can mess up the order. But it looks like you have figured this out, and use jump to slides by name. Again the trigger may show a number and name, but only the name counts. If you renumber a slide, the number in the trigger will change, but the name won't.