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Marty Deutsch

Hi -- I wanted to follow up on this one.  Having the X and Y of an object is great, but you still need to move objects manually, either by supplying a value or dragging them.  What would be great is a set property that would allow me to create triggers like "if xpos of myShape == 3, set xpos of myShape == 3++"  Any way to get and set object position properties like this?  Thx. 

Crystal Horn

Hey there Martin.  I could see that as being a really handy tool.  There isn't a native way to do this in Storyline, but would you be able to submit a feature request for our product development team?

If you plan on having the same object/shape from slide to slide, copy and paste should work to drop it at the same coordinates.  You can even right click the object to change shape, character or picture.  Perhaps that's a workable shortcut if recycling your coordinates on each slide!

Thanks for contributing!

Marty Deutsch


Thanks. I’ll do that. What inspired me to inquire was the recent example posted by Richard Hill (Heroland). In one of his eTips, he was talking about how to track the position of an object and it occurred to me that there’s really no way to do this. He moved his characters to one of three possible vertical positions and then assigned a variable. But if there were a way to check the position of an object and then adjust a variable or trigger the motion of other objects from that check, it would be incredibly useful. Setting the object’s position would be ideal, but even just the ability to see where something is would open up a world of possibilities. -Martin.

Ali Goulet

Hello Martin! Richard's Heroland example certainly is inspiring, I must agree on that. I'd be lying if I said I didn't procrastinate a little work to play around with it the day he shared it here ;)

In the context you're describing, I could see why that feature would be really useful to have available. Thanks again for sharing here, and please do take full advantage of that feature request form Crystal shared!