xAPI Activity ID changing after publish??

May 29, 2018

Hi -- we have an issue with the Activity ID changing after courses publish. We need the activity ID to be a specific URL that we assign with our domain and then the SKU# of that specific course. So for example, the activity ID for a course needs to be "https://thesecurityawarenesscompany.com/M-X-XXX" (the Xs represent whatever the SKU# is) 


The weird thing that is happening is that "http://" is getting added before the url in every single course we publish. See example below. 

HOW and WHY is this happening????? HOW do we make this stop?? 

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Ashley! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I'm able to recreate the same behavior in a Storyline 360 test file after copy/pasting https://thesecurityawarenesscompany.com/M-C-111-EN as the identifier. And when I remove https:// from the URL the published activity ID appears as http://thesecurityawarenesscompany.com/M-C-111-EN ..a puzzle, for sure – sorry you're running into this!

I see that you also have a case started with my teammate, Chino. He's digging into the why and will be in touch with his findings and suggestions shortly. I'll follow along and relay all relevant info here.

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