xAPI Reporting with SL360

Hi all,

I've come across an interesting use case for Storyline, and I'm hoping I can tap the creative minds on this forum to come up with an elegant answer.

I've developed a branching scenario-based learning course with three paths. There are multiple end points, failure possibilities, and passing outcomes. 

The initial ask is to have the course report no score to the LRS through xAPI (Tin Can,) just a pass/fail (complete/incomplete.) From what I'm seeing, TinCan only has a # or slides or results slide for reporting to the LRS.

Second, I'm looking to utilize triggers to supply variable states to survey questions to I can tell how they progressed through the story. My LMS is a custom build that give me reporting on how individual questions are answered, so in theory, this should work if rolled up in the same result slide. 

Please feel free to ask more detailed questions and I will be happy to provide more specifics. 

Thank you all!

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Marco Baldan

Hi Dylan, 

I was trying to figure out today whether there is a way for xAPI to report on the selection of different layers within the same content of Storyline 360. I see that the tincan export for the trial I made pushes some statements but they are not very helpful, since they cannot tell which layer was actually clicked.
Did you receive any feedback from anybody on your question?
Thank you in advance and all the best!

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Dylan,

You could do this: 

1. Create your flow like you imagined. 
2. Set the completion with 100% slides viewed (essentially telling that this will never complete). 
3. On the LRS, you could check for specific slides being viewed as completion. And generate your own completed/passed/failed statement. (might require some customisation)  

(from GrassBlade)