xAPI Statement out of Storyline 2

Jul 26, 2017

Good day all,

I have just published a simple module/quiz out of Storyline 2 using the Tin Can API option.  This is accessed via mobile devices using a third party vendor called  xapiapps (pronounced "zappy apps"), and the results are sent to an LRS (Watershed). 

In looking at the xapi statements sent to Watershed, I was disappointed to see such a limited data stream.  My hope was to see statements that would show which responses were selected in each multiple choice question so that I could look at response distributions for every question... even analyze time between clicks if need be.

So my questions:

1. What xapi statements does Storyline generate? 

2. Is there a way to configure the xapi statements that Storyline sends?

3. Am I just missing some setting (or approach) that will allow me to get to this type of data analysis?

Thanks all!

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