Xliff Export "US Version"...??

Hello all,

We work with professionnal translating company, which uses Trados..

When I provide them with the XLiff file exported from Storyline 2

They told me they can t use it because it's "US Version" instead of "UK"....

Do you have any idea what this mean and if possible to change this???

Thanks for any help...

XLiff is usually easier/better to process in Trados than words document........

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Julie B.

Hello Christie and thanks for your help, i have read the article and this US/UK question i still dont find any answer about it..

Could you please detail what you mean about "choose en-GB within the xliff file itself"?

I am surprised because the translation agency we use is a very big/known one and it is the first time they see this issue as well and have no clue ....



Ivor Thynne

Hi all,

Not sure if this will be the correct thread to use, however I am also trying to export translation files and have sent the XLIFF to a very large localisation company and they have asked the following that I cannot answer, is any-one able to help me?

The xliff file is generating some errors when we load it in to out translation software at present.
I see it was compiled with the schema XLIFF 1.1-1.2 v The latest software we have works to 2.0 I believe, so we will try to run it from an older version. You don’t by any chance have the settings file used for the XLIFF file?