XML output file and translations?


Apologies if someone has already answer this but after searching I couldn't find an existing post about this.

I've created a course in Storyline which now needs to be translated into 13 different languages/country files.  The translation company asked if we could send them the 'machine code' file (I'm assuming they mean the XML file) which their tool can read 'out' the code and reveal only the text to be translated.  The translators do the translation in their tool and then the translation company sends back the 'machine code' with the translated text for re-import.

Has anyone done this? Is there a company out there who can do this for me?  Is this as easy as an XML  file swap out and then opening Storyline to do the text box adjustments for text too large for existing text boxes?

signed...Storyline and ID novice over my head a bit

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Jennifer St. George

Wow!  Too me longer to type up the post than for you to see it!  Bruce, you are amazing.

Articulate team, I have to do 13 languages on this first go-round and potentially have more over the next year.  HELP!  Copying and pasting in text box by text box seems really inefficient with a lot of potential for errors.