Yay! I get to share a tip! Make your own silhouettes in Storyline!

I recently completed a project for a client who wanted characters for their scenario, but they did not want the character's physical appearance to influence the learner's perception of the information being taught. I suggested characters in silhouette, then spent a good hour looking through stock images to find the right poses, positions, etc. for the scenario.

Then I remembered I had all the poses and positioning I needed with my Storyline character bundle of photographic characters. I started playing with the formatting and found I could make my own silhouettes by reducing the character image Brightness.

I used photographic characters, but you can do this also with illustrated characters. To make any character a silhouette, all you need to do is:

1. Right click the image.

2. Select Format Picture from the bottom of the options list.

3. Move the Brightness slider left until your character has darkened to a silhouette. (This is usually 100%, but could be less if you prefer to have some viability to your character's features.)

Hope this tip saves some folks out there time and grief from unnecessarily  scouting stock image sites for silhouettes!

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