yellow box when tabbing through text entry - all else has failed!

Aug 15, 2014


I´m having what appears to be a pretty common problem with yellow boxes appearing when using tab as a hotkey in text entry interactions.

I had two slides where this was an issue and was able to fix them both (one disappeared after disabling the alt text function- master slides included, and the other when I added an off screen shape- I had to add the shape to all slides, layers and master slides for this to eventually work). Now I´m able to get through the two text entry slides box free. However, slides advance automatically when the answer is correct and now a yellow box appears on the following slide (a hotspot interaction where I´ve added shapes and disabled alt text as well).

Attached is a screenshot.

I´m completely stumped.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nadia,

Sorry to hear about the odd behavior you've experienced and the yellow box is something that will appear as a part of the accessibility. It's not possible to turn it off completely for elements such as the player itself, buttons, etc. but you can turn it off for the individual slide elements as described here (which it sounds like you've done).

From that image alone I'm not sure I can see what is happening once the user accesses the text entry boxes and then moves on. You mention it only happens when the user answers correctly? What occurs with an incorrect answer? If you don't use the tab key to advance to the next screen after answering correctly - but begin using the tab key once on that page are you seeing the same behavior? It may help to take a look at this .story file - or even a section with those slides. Are you able to share it here with us? You could include just a few slides by importing them into a new project as described here.

Nadia Zaid

For anyone else looking for one more solution to the yellow box issue, here was my solution. After getting rid of other yellow boxes using the fixes listed above, this final yellow box was appearing on slide B when the learner got the answer correct and hit tab on slide A. I still needed the slide to function like this as it´s a software simulation and didn´t want to interrupt the flow so I:

-removed the "jump to next slide when timeline starts" trigger.

-changed the layout on the correct layer to blank

-set the timeline to .25 seconds

-triggered the slide to advance when timeline ends

This took care of the problem and the slide still behaves the same.

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