Yes/No Responses determines what column specific text is displayed on a results page

I'm trying to create a series of yes/no questions through a number of slides and their "results" show up on the final slide. If they select yes, then that a related Training Approach will be listed under "Recommendations" on the final/results slide. If they say no, then it will be listed under "Optional" on the final/results slide.

There are a series of 6 question slides asking the learner to select yes/no using radio buttons to answer the question on the page. After answering a series of questions through slides 1-6, then I want the results page to show the recommended and optional training based on their yes/no responses.

For example, if they said yes to their staff needing training in a certain topic, then on the results page, a resource would be listed under Recommended Training. If they say no, then it would be listed under Optional training.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kathryn!

This thread is older than our conversation here, so I was curious if you are playing around with variables now and working through this or were you still hoping for design assistance? Hopefully someone in the community will be able to chime in and assist if so as it looks like most of what you are wanting is not built out yet.

kathryn brown

Hi @Leslie! I'm still working through this with the trainings that appear on a "results" or "Output"  slide that depends on what the learner answers yes/no to throughout the previous slides. 

As you can see it's a series of questions that in the end will determine their training plan. 

The link in your post was referring to the CC, which you kindly helped with. thank you

Leslie McKerchie

I noticed it was a different course, but didn't know if as you worked through variables you were mastering it :) I have faith in you!

So, point me to the content on the result slide that would need to be updated relative to the way the responses were answered. Perhaps I'm just overlooking your setup here.

If you're not that far - give me the Item 1 information - as in what will populate under Recommended when user selects yes on Slide 1? What will populate under Optional if user selects no on this slide?

kathryn brown

I'm triple tasking, as usual, but it's all the same course, just a different chapter. I haven't worked through it yet because I've been cc-ing happily. Item 1 information, if the learner selects no to either question, then the following text would appear on the results slide in the Recommended Training section Training to Go: Summer Learning. If they said yes to both questions on the slide, then that same text would go under optional training.

This is the only slide with 2 options, but still the others need to know where to go and it could be a simple set a variable a certain value trigger to the radio button maybe? but then I think about the formatting, so maybe I need to append text with a return... just drawing from what I've done in programming but trying to figure out how to do it in storyline. Thank you Leslie!

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Kathy!

Ok - I took a look at the first one in the hopes of getting you started at least :)

I added a couple of variables that adjust based on response, which also triggers a state change on your results slide to display the information.

One thing to note that I did not foresee was that I added button sets to your course so that the user could only select Yes or No - your set up allowed them to select all 4 if they wanted to and I figured that was not the intended behavior.

kathryn brown

Thank you so much Leslie!! So clever and beautiful! I appreciate you working on this and went through and played with it and am excited to get started on this part of the project chapter! You're amazing and am so glad you're part of the ELearning Heroes! Off to play in the file...