yet another problem with multiple data entry items on one slide...

I have been asked to create a table that the learner fills with multiple answers.  Two of the answers are negatives.  After watching Jennette Brook's VERY helpful screen cast,  I've gotten the slide to sorta work.  The correct answers are: -3,-1,1 and 3.  If there are no negatives placed on the first two answers, but the learner types a 3 or a 1, the learner is told to complete the question. 

I am a real newbie... is there something about typing the negative sign I don't know about? 

Or, is something else going on?

Thank you in advance for any help ya'll can give me.



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Judith,

I'm not sure I understand what you'd like to happen vs. what you're seeing - so let me tell you what I saw.

If I answered, and didn't include the negative/minus sign or didn't answer all the questions, I saw the incorrect layer and was prompted to try again. 

If I did answer them all correctly including the negative/minus sign, I saw the correct layer as expected. 

Can you tell us what you're seeing that you'd like to behave differently, as that all seems to work for me? 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Judith - 

Ashley and I took a look at your issue, and it appears what you need to do is edit the conditions of your Incorrect trigger from AND to OR (and that should generate the incorrect response you are looking for instead of the 'you must submit an answer' response you saw previously). Please see the attached file, and let us know if issues persist.