Quiz and trigger mess

Mar 20, 2017

On many occasions, customer feedback indicates learners prefer quiz questions throughout the course instead of a long quiz at the end of a course.

So far, so good.

Customer feedback also indicates learners should be able to re-take the quiz on failure without repeating the content. (This seems like a reasonable request.)

To satisfy these two requirements, triggers are needed to skip content to the next question when a learner repeats the quiz. First pass, the question proceeds to the first slide of the next scene. (We use scenes for each topic.  Each scene ends with a question.) When a learner repeats the quiz, the question trigger tests a variable indicating a quiz repeat and jumps to the next question (at the end of the next scene).

So far, I think two triggers are necessary on each question layer (the correct and incorrect layers).  One to go to the next scene first slide, the other to skip to the next scene last slide which is a question.

Now comes the question's base layer.  This layer is used when visiting a completed question for review.  I usually just have this layer proceed to the next slide, but there could be other conditions.

To summarize, quiz questions throughout the course supporting a quiz retry seems like a reasonable feature. It should be easier to implement than it is.

Am I missing a better way to do this?


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Susi B

Hi Sam,

we have quiz slides after every little new content, so like 10 content layers and 20 quiz layers (2 for each content layer). We set our slides to "initial state" so every time the user revisit a quiz slide it resets. Also we have instant feedback for every quiz interaction, for example a drag and drop interaction the drag items show instantly if they are placed right or wrong and we also have a help button to show the solution. So the user only always gets the right answer even if he revisit an already done quiz slide.

If you want the slide to stay the way they are and retake them, there are some options I guess. One would be your option setting different trigger and working with variables.

An other option would be to create a seperate scene containing the quiz slides to retake the quiz as a final quiz at the end of the course starting from zero to repeat all the questions no matter if they have been answered correcty or not.

Third option you could create a scene with all the quiz slides and rearrange them in the menu by deleting the scene but keeping the slides and pushing them around. Trigger are needed to jump from scene 1 last slide to question one in the quiz scene back to scene 2 slide 1 from the done quiz slide.

I hope this helps a little. :)



Edit: We have a summary at the end of our final quiz (a selection of 10 questions they have to answer to get a certificate). See attachment or here:

As you can see there are the questions (Frage 1, ...) with a feedback if they got it correctly or not and a "Thema wiederholen" button to go back to the content slide for this question which opens in a lightbox. Maybe you can use this too to open the question in the lightbox and let them redo the questions. I don´t know if the trigger which changes the feedback state works with a lightbox, but could be worth a try.

You could even implement this slide as a player button so they can open this "Auswertung" every time they want to and click on the question to jump to the slide of the question. So many possibilities. :D

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