You know what would be awesome! ?

Love the round trip from media library to Photoshop, game changer. Wish the same was true for svg's and Illustrator. But what would be super cool is to be able to round trip from the JavaScript trigger editor to an editor with markup, like Sublime or Dreamweaver. The SL JavaScript editor is not code friendly. It has one undo, a tiny text size and no markup.  What I do now is write my code in a code editor and then paste it into SL. Not horrible but not great. 

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Math Notermans

Same path. I used to do most of my development in Trivantis Lectora and with javascript and Gsap. Due to Covid19 we needed to speedup development. Combo of Rise360 with Storyline gives that more or less. So diving deep into customizing courses with that. Simpler parts will be Rise and the more comples Storyline with javascript. Using external editors too because editing javascript inside SL is dreadfull.