'You must complete the question before submitting' issue with D&D and MCQ qui slides

Hi. Articulate noob here. 

Ive been tasked with updating the content of some Storyline courses that were built previously by another organisation and in one of the two courses there appears to be a bug where when I submit answers (correct or incorrect) for two quiz slides I get a popup box as in these screens:

slide 1

Slide 2

These are two different typs of quizzes, drag and drop and an MCQ but both have the same bug. The form appears fine from my untrained eye and it's strange that they both have the same issue though they are different quiz types. 

I'm using the most recent version of Articulate Storyline 360 though these were created on an older version which occurred to me as potentially a cause of the issue. 

I've attached a project with the two slides and any help and guidance would be much appreciated. 



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