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Walt Hamilton

If you preview just one of the qualification slides, the buttons work great, but if you view the whole project, they don't.

This is because you have written the triggers to make the Submit button normal using "When state of ... is ..."  

The "When " portion of the trigger tells what action the trigger should watch for, so it knows when to fire.
"When State is ..." is not an action, and therefore does not work to initiate a trigger. This is not your fault; it is an error on the part of Storyline's programmers. It should not have been included in the trigger wizard in the "When ... " dropdown, even though sometimes it does work. It works sometimes if it is listening at the exact moment a state changes.

Try this: Change that trigger to "Change state of Submit to normal when timeline (of the slide) starts, if state of ... is visited." This has a chance of working, but truthfully, Visited state is reliable if you are visiting layers on a slide, but less so if you are visiting other slides.

If it doesn't work, then you will need to set a variable at the end of each of the 4 visited slides, and write your trigger like this: "Change state of Submit to normal when timeline starts if VisionCompleted = True AND InspirationCompleted = True, etc.

Domenic James

Well, I got it all working fine. I had to set up the variables and fix a few other things, but it works great. 

Thanks for the info and making me realize that I'm not crazy in the way I was thinking about the State buttons. lol Well, for today I'll blame my crazy on the State button. Tomorrow, who knows?