'Your score' and 'passing score' variables not calculated

Mar 14, 2014


I have a two scene project that has quiz questions (multiple choice, multiple answer and T/F) sprinkled throughout.  At the end of one scene the student has the option of skipping several slides that may not pertain - and in the process skips 2 quiz questions.

When they arrive at the results slide after the quiz questions have been taken, the Your Score and Passing Score variables display %Results.Score.Percent%% (%Results.ScorePoints% points and %Results.PassPercent%% (%Results.PassPoints% points), respectively.  I'm using whatever default settings there are and haven't adjusted anything.

At first, I thought this may have to do with the skipped quiz questions so I removed them from the Results Slide tabulation but I still cannot fix the variable error.  Can anyone offer any help?  Variables confuse the heck out of me!



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