Publish a report listing all slide components

Hi Everyone,

It would be very helpful to be able to publish a report as a Word document that shows every layer, every trigger on every layer written out in words in their entirety (the trigger panel only displays a partial list of conditions, for example), every object name and associated state names, the timeline showing all object names and their start and end times and cue points. 

A command could be added to the ribbons to "Print Slide Report".  A dialog box would then open with options to generate the report for the current slide, current scene, specific slides, specific scenes, or for every slide in every scene.  All of the other items mentioned in the previous paragraph would be listed as options with checkboxes, including a checkbox for including all of those items on the report.

This would save a lot of time when debugging slides that aren't functioning as intended, and especially when developing and debugging complex slides.

Your thoughts on this (maybe if enough people like this, Articulate will make it a feature and do so soon)?

Thank you,


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