Youtube and Quiz

Jul 18, 2012


I am evaluating your fine product Storyline and have an issue with using youtube video's in a quiz.

After embedding the youtube code as mentioned here

I tested my course in the browser. The youtube video is part of a question in a slide.

When I click the submit button after selecting the answer the Storyline feedback panel stays behind the youtube video instead of being placed above the video. So it cannot be clicked or read.

Furthermore within the flash-based export the video is not visible.

Any idea how this can be resolved?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jan - the issue you're seeing is that the YouTube video is embedded as a web object, and web objects always display on top of any course content (even slide layers). There's currently no way to avoid that, so what I'd recommend is adjusting the placement of your video and/or your feedback so that the feedback isn't concealed by the movie. The feedback layer gets its design & layout from a Feedback Master, which you can easily change. Here's a bit more about how to work with and customize Feedback Masters.

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