YouTube- Auto advance once done playing

Jan 30, 2013


I have a YouTube video on a slide and I have it playing in a seperate window.

(The YouTube video can not be placed in a frame- the creator of the video has it set this way)

The video launches and plays great.  Once the video is done playing I would like the course to automatically jump to the next slide without the need to press next. 

Trouble I am running into is there is no trigger appropriate for this from what I have tested. 

1- Media completes....Storyline does not recognize the video as media

2-End of Timeline....Storyline does not include the length of the video in the timeline so the video plays while jumping to the next screen.

I anticipate extending the timeline for the duration of the video will work but this feels like a band-aid.

I am just looking for a better fix.

I appreciate anyones thoughts and knowledge on this.


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