YouTube Embed, Web Object, App vs. Online

Good morning,

I have been developing a course in Storyline that will be used in a presentation type mode for a portion of a classroom training.  My team uses iPad's to present and our goal was to use the mobile app to launch this presentation.  I have built the course some of which have videos from YouTube in them.  I understand that the mobile app recommends using YouTube videos as a WebObject in order for them to play on the app however I have found embedding them also works.  I am however confused as when I embed a video and center it in Storyline (for example I have the videos centered in the slide which is then atop a laptop graphic in the background also centered) it appears off to the side in the app and looks very sloppy.  I have tried grouping the items, as well as aligning to slide yet in the app, nothing works.  The same videos when launched from Articulate Online are centered just the way I programmed them.  Any ideas on what I can do to lock the video in place?

Thanks for any advice!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Richard. Welcome to the community!

Can you clarify one thing, please - you mentioned that you're aware that the suggested method for inserting a YouTube video is through a WebObject, but it sounds like you're using the Insert > Video > Video from website option. Is that correct?  Just want to make sure I fully understand what steps you're taking to insert the video. 

If you're using the embedding option, have you also tried the WebObject option? Did you experience the same issue with this method?

There are a lot of elements of the course that can cause an external video to "shift" its position, one of those is the player size. Are you using the standard size for your project, or a custom size?

Are you able to share the project's .STORY file here so I can take a look, or can you share it with us privately?


Richard Bailey

Hi Christine and thanks so much!

I have tried the Web Object as well and although I don't like that it brings the entire webpage in, it too would be off center on the app.  The raw file, published file, and published version on the web all look the same and are centered, it's just the app.

Attached is the raw file and also a screen shot of how the same video looks in the app (the error message is because of our firewall and we are ok with that, just focusing on the placement).

Thanks dor any advice.