YouTube Video embed issue in Mavericks

We have a YouTube video that is embedded on a page in our project. We are using Moodle as our LMS to deploy it. The video image screen appears to be working fine in the PC environment but tested it on two different Macs (both running Mavericks) and the video is displaying outside the boundaries of the course activity and covering up navigation buttons (see image below). Anyone experience this before?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Whitney,

I haven't seen that before, but I also don't have a Mac so that may be why. You'll want to check that when viewing content on a Mac, that you're using one of these supported browsers: 

  • Safari 3 and later, Firefox 1.x and later, Google Chrome

How have you inserted the Youtube video? If you've inserted it as a web object, you may want to also try inserting it using the first method described here.  If you'll be delivering your Storyline courses via HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad, be aware that YouTube videos embedded in this manner won't work in these environments

Whitney Lowe

Thanks Ashley

This was happening in both Firefox and Chrome for my partner who has a Mac, but not happening in Firefox or Chrome for me in the PC environment. I inserted the video as both a web object and with the first (insert video clip) method and the first method seemed to work better. We were not planning to use the Articulate Mobile Player app because I had already learned that it doesn't play well with recording activity to our LMS (Moodle). 

Thanks for your input and I'll keep looking into this. 


Peter Eastman


I also have had this problem. I inserted a Youtube video as a web object on a PC, (See attached screencap) This issue appeared in FF 35.01, works in Chrome. If I Insert as a Video, it is the correct dimensions but I cannot start the video timeline at 74 seconds or prevent the video from autoplaying. We have not tried the modules on the LMS yet. Something to look forward too :)