YouTube Video Views

We use web objects in Storyline2 when we place video in our training modules, and use Moodle as our platform. It doesn't appear that the views from Moodle are counted in the YouTube views. The boss likes to count the views on YouTube, so I just wanted to find out if that is true. If so, he isn't going to like that answer. Is there a way to make the views in Moodle register on YouTube?

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Philip Robisch

Thanks Brian. I saw all these posts in my prior searches. Currently we have 500 plus that have completed the course in our LMS, and we have 400 views of the video included in that course on our you tube channel. That tells me that when they watch the web object in the course, those video views are not counted in YouTube's counter. Our boss wants all the views counted in YouTube, and I'm not sure if that is possible.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Philip,

There isn't a way to track the videos in Storyline - but if 500 users have taken the course and the view counter is only showing 400, it sounds more like 100 lazy users who skipped the video. 😉 

There isn't a way to force them to watch a video as a part of a web object, so hopefully you'll find a way to confirm if they have watched it!